Dear grade 3 parents,

Welcome to our joyful grade 3 classes. We are excited about our students and the engaging lessons that we are going to have within this school academic year of 2016/2017.

Here are the teachers of grade 3 this year:

3 Bahasa: Ibu Natalia Mia Melany (Ibu Mia) and Ibu Ignathasia Hutahuruk (Ibu Thasia)

3 Nusa: Ibu Citra Dianingtyas (Ibu Citra) and Ibu Ignathasia Hutahuruk (Ibu Thasia)

3 Bangsa: Ibu Grace Siagian (Ibu Grace) and Ibu Dewi Pradnya Paramita (Ibu Mita)

Visual Arts: Ibu Samina Vajni (Ibu Samina)

Mandarin: Ibu Hanna Selviana (Ibu Hanna)

Music: Bapak Rodney Senova Sandi (Bapak Rodney) and Bapak Anton Aditama (Bapak Anton)

Physical Education: Bapak Nhirman Bagja Hamdallah (Bapak Nhirman)

The students and the teachers are going to have great experiences throughout the year by having many activities during the lessons. We as the teachers will help our students to become learners for life. Therefore we need your support to create condusive learning environment.

We will work together to make sure that our students can maximize their talents. We know from experience that parent involvement is very essential to enrich the benefits that the students get from their school experience.

Thus, we look forward to working together as a team – students, teachers and parents to have a successful year in grade 3.


Warm Regards,

Grade 3 teachers


grade 3 team