PYP Updates January and February 2017

Welcome back to school! We hope that you have a wonderful end semester of break.

This is the updates that we are going to have in January and February 2017.

Transdisciplinary Theme: Sharing The Planet

Central Idea: People Have Developed Human Rights In Order To Live In Harmony.

Concepts: Causation, Perspective, Responsibility

Related Concepts: Human Rights, Harmony, Equity

Lines of Inquiry:

  1. How human rights developed
  2. Why human needs right
  3. How responsibilities go along with rights



Maths: Division within 1000

English: Creating a poster and writing a letter

Mandarin: Recognize time and activities in Chinese characters

BSI: Membuat Kalimat Berita dan mengidentifikasi bagian-bagian dari buku

Visual Arts: Create an Animation

ICT: Imovie

Music: Create a simple rhythm and apply it with a movement

Physical Education: The Basic of Basket Ball


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