Excursion to Cimory


Grade 3 NUSA


Grade 3 BAHASA


Grade 3 BANGSA

Last excursion for this unit. We went to Cimory Mountain View, Puncak  to learn about the process of production. The students were excited to experience the journey of making Cimory milk.

After we arrived in Cimory Mountain View, the guide gave us a small briefing about the activities that we would do. Then, he took us to the mini farm to show us a certain type of cows that the company use to produce its products and explain more about the cow and how to take care of them.

The students also had the experience to do milking. Most of the students would like to try to do it. It was a great opportunity for them to have the chance milking from the real cow. Then, they also had the chance to feed the cow. They really enjoyed the moments they had during this time.

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After they did milking, the guide took us to another room to watch a video about the process how the milk they have becomes the product we drink. The students were enthusiastic during watching the video. Then, they got the chance to experience making chocolate milkshake.



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